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Nina Farrell Wall Art

Nina Farrell (Born in 1974) was born in London, England. She studied Fine Art Illustration at The Kent Institute of Art and Design. While at the institution, she started exploring the potential of the color photogram which she considered to be quite amazing. A photogram is an image made by placing of objects on photosensitive paper exposed to light without the use of a camera. She has been creating artwork in the darkroom for over 15 years. This process was discovered in the 1830s by William Fox Talbot then later explored by Man Ray. Nina has exhibited widely throughout the UK. Nina’s images reveal qualities often unseen by the naked eye and her work explores light, color and form. Her published work includes window displays, CD covers, cards, book and covers. She’s influenced by Japanese patterns and prints but mainly by the unanticipated visual possibilities in everyday objects and the process of making photogram.

Her Artwork begins its life in the darkroom; she’s experimented with all kinds of curiosities from diamond encrusted jewellery to octopus tentacles to obtain the perfect projection and silhouette. As a part of the process she has to source the right object. The recurring themes in her work are transformation and birth. Currently, she works as a graphic designer and an illustrator from her darkroom and studio in South London. She is the driving force and Creative Director behind The Wing Assignment. She has worked widely with private commercial clients and has sold and exhibited her work internationally. Nina says that she considers the darkroom to be a sacred place; a place where she recreates the familiar into something new. She calls it Darkroom sorcery.

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