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Gregory Gorham Wall Art

Gregory Gorham is an American artist and a native of Northern Michigan. He graduated with a B.A. in Industrial Design and Graphic Arts with honors from the University of Michigan. After completing his education, he landed a job with Ford Motor Company, working as a designer and illustrator. Gorham would later leave Ford to focus on freelance work. He made several paintings for printing on cards and for making products that cover different genres. A look at his works shows someone interested in culinary art since his subjects include kitchen accessories, dining table set ups, wines, among other related subjects. Gregory started drawing, sketching, sculpting and watercolors at the age of 3 years. He reproduces the natural beauty of his surroundings in Pacific Northwest. Through his paintings, he depicts beautiful countryside scenes and captures still images of items around him.

Gregory’s artwork has recently been characterized with international and modern trends that include paintings of whimsical French chefs, Italian signs, travel posters, playing cards and more. His deep understanding of newly established and emerging artistic trends has seen his works perform well through Gango Editions. In addition to capturing his environment, home items and emerging trends, his paintings are also used in the production of home products that include kitchen textiles and dinnerware. His versatile and ever evolving approach to the creation of artistic works has put him on a track to greater success. Gregory’s creative works have been displayed by reputable corporate and private collections.

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