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A. Birnbach Wall Art

A. Birnbach (Born 1949) is an intuitive, a provocative and a sensitive photographer. He allows his lens to speak a thousand thoughts of peace and tranquility. He was raised and educated in New York. He took at year off after studying at Queens College in several disciplines, and it was during that time that he discovered photography. Since then he has never looked back. When he returned to college, he continued his studies but shifted his focus to art. He was captivated by the camera the very first time he put it in his hand. The camera gave him way to express himself as nothing else had before. Birnbach worked as a photography assistant in New York City, and the more he worked here the more he became overwhelmed by the beauty of the art form. After several trips across the country including a stop in Telluride, he decided to move to the mountain town so as to photograph its evolution from ski area to mining town.

The sincerity of the people and the purity of the environment gave him the long-range vision he was looking for in both his personal and his professional life. The camera has led him to his life work. Birnbach relocated to Denver in 1974 and opened his first complete photographic studio there. His contemporary style allowed him to specialize in people productions and advertising still life. In 1979, Birnbach had the opportunity to work with James Miho, the noted graphic designer. This experience enabled him to shift his focus to include corporate annual reports as well.

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