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Reginald Marsh Wall Art

Reginald Marsh (Born 1898) was born in Paris. He was most notable for his depictions of life in New York City from 1920s through to the 1930s. Popular entertainments such as burlesque and vaudeville, crowded Coney Island beach scenes, jobless men, and women on the Bowery are subjects that re-appear throughout his work. Marsh painted in oils and in egg tempera, and produced many ink wash drawings, watercolors and prints. Marsh was the second son born to parents who were both artists. His father was one of the earliest noted painters in America – he was a muralist. His mother, Alice Randall was a miniaturist painter. The family was stable financially; Marsh's grandfather had made a fortune in the meat packing business. His family moved to Nutley, New Jersey when he was two years old.

This is where his father acquired a studio home located on The Enclosure, a street that the American painter Frank Fowler had established as an artists' colony some decades earlier. Marsh studied at Lawrenceville School and graduated from Yale University in 1920. While at the university, he worked as the cartoonist and star illustrator for campus humor magazine titled “The Yale Record.” After graduation, Marsh moved to New York, where he wanted to find work as a freelance illustrator. It did not take long before the New York Daily News hired him to sketch burlesque and vaudeville performers for their regular feature. In 1925, when The New Yorker began publication, Marsh was among the magazine's first cartoonists.

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