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Malcolm Farley Wall Art

Malcolm Farley (Born 1957) is an internationally acclaimed artist who started painting at the age of eight. He is renowned for his visions of color and exceptional ability to capture the action, the moment, and the spirit of the event. Particularly fascinated with the energetic aura and drive of athletes, and in his distinctive painting style, Farley is an "all-everything athlete" himself and grew up painting the greatest football, tennis, hockey and baseball stars in the world. He blends vibrant colors and bold strokes with the drama of some of the most memorable moments in the world. In his early years, Farley travelled a lot with his family. In the process he gained cultural perspective and interacted with many people who continue to influence his art to date. As a scholarship athlete, Farley learned to combine his passion as a jazz saxophonist and athletic talents with art to obtain his BA in Fine Arts from Metropolitan State College.

After receiving various idealistic awards and being introduced into the Hall of Fame, he chose the path of commercial artist and became an expert in many styles. During this period, he experimented with several mediums, settling on imagery and intoxicating palette. Currently, Farley’s reputation as one of the true modern master painters is frequently interviewed on television and in print. His warm personality and visionary outlook on life has been enhanced by his title as “America's Premiere Sports and Entertainment Artist." His successes have included various Academy Award festivities, Olympics and an ongoing presence at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Farley’s ability to live in the moment and zest for life is what gives him his passion to paint.

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