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Helen Downing-Hunter Wall Art

Helen Downing Hunter is a watercolor artist based in Sunshine Coast in Hopkin's Landing. She began painting in her mid 30's. Helen a self-taught artist but her amazing works are sure to uplift the viewers with their intricate detail and bright colors. Many people have contracted her to paint their home and garden. Living on the coast of British Columbia, many of Helen’s paintings depict this area. Her father died when she was only 1 month old. His father died at 23 in a foreign land. His father had fallen in love with a young English girl, just like many other Canadian men during the Second World War. When the war ended, Helen moved with her mother to Fredericton, New Brunswick. She was three years old by then.

Helen has spent all her life in Canada, but her parents’ young love, and the images and the spirit of her homeland, remain very much alive in her prints, paintings, posters and art. She began in oils, but now paints in acrylics and watercolors. She says both mediums convey her attention to detail and love of color. What Helen tries to create from imagination, photographs and memories is a sense of wellbeing. She says it's a comfortable world, a world without complication, an inviting world that draws people in - A place where everyone wants to be. Her prints, paintings, posters and art, are a gentle mixture of fine detail and vibrant colors, and they capture the feelings and images of time both imagined and remembered.

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