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Keiichi Nishimura Wall Art

Keiichi Nishimura got his training in art under the apprenticeship of his father who was a master painter. Born in Kyoto, Japan, Nishimura learned the techniques of his art through experimentation and observation. He recalls that only few words were spoken between himself and his father for the entire 7 years of his apprenticeship. Today, he’s known for the use of metal leaf within each of his original, and for his unique approach to wave imagery, exceptional paintings on silk. His preferred medium is a water-based pigment. He grinds this to a finer consistency and then mixes it with melted pine soap (nikawa). The soap is what enables the pigment to adhere to the silk and gives it its deep rich color. He does the variations in tone and color by hand with wide brushes. Nishimura is currently focusing on more movement and drama in his work. He employs different methods to form abstract images. He wants his art to be more dramatic and more alive, and somewhat abstract as well.

He currently lives in Washington State on Whidbey Island with Bergen Rose, a designer by profession. The two work together incorporating his paintings and her designs into art coverlet patterns. She designs, manipulates, and enhances the images for fabric based on his paintings, while he does the artwork. Even though his inspirations and themes often begin with the traditional, what results is something innovative and refreshingly new. His work can be said to be a modern interpretation by those who understand in depth both the freedom of Western expression and the discipline of his Eastern culture. Nishimura strives to achieve integration of the two cultures in his work.

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