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Judy Mastrangelo Wall Art

Judy Mastrangelo is a fine art artist who works in different artistic styles, including impressionist, abstractionism, and realism. She has always drawn her inspiration from diverse reputable artists, learning from their styles and great works. Some of Judy’s favorite artistic works are those of John W. Waterhouse, Maxfield Parrish, and Sir Joseph Noel Paton. She covers diverse subjects in her paintings but she's always captivated by Fantasy, which ends up forming most of her subjects. These include New Age Art, Fairy Tales, and Myths. Nature is quite evident in her artwork, doing her best to capture the life in it. The interest that she has in Roman and Greek Myths is basically because of their ability to vividly personify nature spirits. It's for that reason that deities, Gods, Water, Air, among other similar elements form fundamental parts of her paintings.

Because of her artistic style, quality of her works, and her subjects, Judy’s creative works have been collected and licensed to diverse companies in diverse industries for posters and prints. They've also been used in making greeting cards, puzzles, wall coverings, and more. Her forays in illustration are also evident in her "What Do Bunnies Do All Day" book. Judy has also illustrated a number of children's books, including "Tales of Shakespeare," "Antique Fairy Tales," and " Pollyanna." But that isn't it as she's currently busy with other works that involve writing and illustrating several books on a variety of disciplines. Unlike other artists who let the moment direct them, Judy first creates a painting of the image in her mind before transferring it to canvas. This helps her capture all angles of her creativity and imagination.

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