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Alan Hausenflock Wall Art

Alan Hausenflock’s interest in photography began in 2001 when he picked up a magazine in an office and saw an image of Owens Valley in California by Callen Rowell. His wife bought him a digital camera soon after that and he was unknowingly off to a new career. His background in computers helped him to learn digital photography and the software that supports it. Hausenflock took night classes, joined photographers’ groups, made many field trips and read everything he could get his hands on about photography. He loves shooting in the forests and mountains with their clear rivers and falls, tall trees and their rugged landscapes. His favorite light to shoot in is at sunrise and sunset. A foggy morning or right after a storm adds other dimensions to a shot. Hausenflock especially loves the sea – anywhere the hard work and romance of the sea can be captured. The beauty of his home on the East Coast is captured in his exquisite scenery shots. He’s currently represented by Gango Editions.

As Gango Editions has expanded its custom printing options and photography, Hausenflock’s pieces have taken off and have proved him to be one of the most popular photographers. In 2006, Nicole Chavez of Gango Editions was assigned as his working contact. Since then his relationship with Gango Editions has matured into something that is creative, hard working, and beneficial to them both. Art has always appealed to him. Nature has always appealed to him. Although he’s never had the talent to be a painter, when he shoots an image it’s with a technical mind and an artist’s eye. When he looks at a scene, he sees the artistic composition but he also looks for potential in terms of what can be done with the image.

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