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Jill Mayberg Wall Art

Jill Mayberg was born to a mother who was passionate about art. Mayberg’s mother used to stock numerous reproductions of works of great artists, including Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Ben Shahn, Kathe Kollewitz, and more. Because of her mother’s love of art, they used to visit several galleries in New York and Greenwich Village sidewalks. They also used to go for several trips with her mother, visiting galleries and museums, making it possible for her to see diverse artistic works and amazing monuments such as the Statue of Liberty, bridges, and more. In her own words, her most favorite place is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which fascinates her with its architecture, beauty, and exhibits. Mayberg’s closeness to Roosevelt, NJ, also became a great influence in her artistic life since she used to meet several high profile artists. Early 1980's saw her move to San Francisco to study art. Mayberg studied art with a focus on drawing and ceramics but also did painting, sculpturing, jewelry design, printmaking, and graphic design. While there, she met several creative artists with whom she shared ideas and experiences. It's in mid 1990's that she began painting, mainly using her artistic works to decorate the walls of a trade show she was running in New York. This landed Mayberg her first solo show organized by Mary Lou Zeek who was amazed by her artistic works at the trade show wall. All her paintings were sold, inspiring her to quit everything and focus on painting. She's received recognition for her artistic works, including being awarded Artists Trust Fellowship and grants. Mayberg’s artwork pieces can be purchased from different art dealerships and galleries and are displayed by prominent art collectors.

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