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Pip Bloomfield Wall Art

Pip Bloomfield is an artist based in Los Angeles. She has several years of experience as an artist and is able to skillfully execute fine art photographs that appeal to designers and collectors alike. She combines her design background with the eye of a photographer for composition and color to create images which fulfill the desire of her clients. Her vision together with the versatility of her designs has fostered a very successful career to date. She’s a photographic artist and designer. She designs all sorts of things like dinnerware, furniture, fabric, lighting, paper, and all that good stuff. Her work has been featured in magazines and books. Her photographic art mainly focuses on huge flowers that are available in Poster form, but she prefers to produce original artwork on canvas for specialized clients such as Steve Wynn, Spago and the Four Seasons.

The composition and lighting is stunning, the shell taking centre stage while the light falls upon the surfaces that are polished. Bloomfield is the person to employ for projects that require great creativity and critical thinking, combined with a strong sense of design with the ability to use any platform. She has received several honors and awards. She combines a unique sense of personal intimacy with passion leaving the viewer inspired. Her work has been brought into countless homes, businesses, and exhibited all over the world. She’s open to learning new techniques and styles and that’s why she regularly visits museums and art shows to learn from her fellow artists.

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