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Gregory Lang Wall Art

A native of New England, Gregory Lang is best known for his abstract cityscape paintings. He studied architecture and mechanical drafting in secondary school. He’s an American artist who’s passionate about the natural world, and about art and design. His unique vision of the urban landscape transcends location and time, distilling the city to an essence of energy and line. Both a follower of the traditional methods and an explorer of new approaches to painting, Lang uses an impressionistic, free technique throughout his work. He varies his brushwork and employs bold and spontaneous strokes in contrast to thinly pigmented light washes of to represent the shimmering, diminishing light of a skyscraper, bridge or distant tower. His early years were strongly influenced by the art of the New England region.

An avid painter and drawer, Lang had his first public exhibition when he was only 9. This exhibition was at the Museum of Art, Science and Industry of Bridgeport in Connecticut. His art was well received and he was so much impressed by his own talent in the arts. He decided to join the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut from where he received instruction in painting and drawing. In 1991, the artist moved to Berlin to pursue studies in architecture. In Germany, he was exposed to a great deal of outsider, underground art that was emerging from the East. A year later, he returned to the United States and briefly worked in New York City before moving to San Francisco, California the in 1993.
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Bridges and Towers
Fine-Art Print
40" x 35"
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Midtown Towers
Fine-Art Print
30" x 40"
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