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Carrie Knoff Wall Art

Carrie L. Knoff is an American artist whose love for art came from her family that consisted of a jazz musician father and an artist mother. She vividly remembers the moments her mother would pick line drawings from her coloring books and turn them into beautiful illustrations. Her mother would then use her creativity to add elements to the paintings to make them more appealing. At the age of six, her father moved their family to the countryside where she fell in love with nature. She admired the beauty and the calmness of her new home. Carrie also got to notice, appreciate, and love old patterns and the antiquity that defined her environment; from outbuildings to old farmhouses. By living around such things, she got to master their figures, colors, and developed a painting approach through which she could reproduce them. That environment had a huge impact on her artistic life, something that has seen her develop art that reflect more of the primitive country style living.

Carrieā€™s works have developed over the years. She has also learned digital art, which she uses alongside acrylic to create her pieces. Carrie says that her family and curiosity have been the driving forces in her life, particularly her artistic endeavors. She's also motivated by the appreciation she receives from her audience. In some instances, Carrie adds words to her artwork to make her message clearer. Several galleries and collections across the US have displayed her work.

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