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Selina Rodriguez Wall Art

Selina Rodriguez is an American artist born in Chadron, Nebraska. She however grew up in a small town in the state of Wyoming. She grew up in a warm and lovely family environment with a mother who is a teacher and a ceramic artist father. Since the family environment was friendly, it was easier for her to develop her painting works with the support of both parents. Her love for arts also influenced her formal education, allowing her to enhance her painting skills. She studied at the Arizona University, graduating with two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees and Associates of Fine Arts degree. Selina always believe that there is something to learn. That's why after getting her two BFAs in drawing and painting, she went ahead to study Art History in Italy. The course helped expand her understanding of the art world and the different styles and movements associated it.

Selina is inspired by Richard Diebenkorn whom she admires for his great understanding of color composition; Lucian Freud who she adores for his commitment to ensure that every art piece he creates offers depth and content; and Egon Schiele for his use of beautiful and high quality lines in his artwork. Jerry Schuttle, her former school teacher, is also a figure she respects for having taught her to understand that painting isn't something one would fully grasp, meaning there is always something new to learn.

“There will always be something more to learn. Not to be discouraged but to be challenged by it. My goal is to simply keep growing and make beautiful paintings in the process.”
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