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Becky Kinkead Wall Art

Rebecca Kinkead, or better still Becky Kinkead, is an American fine art artist who specializes in making paintings that mirror the vulnerability, happiness, and tenderness of her subjects as well as human lives. She uses oil paints on canvas to capture subjects such as children, animals, adults, and more. Becky uses a style where she applies her oil paint using palette knives then layering, scraping, dripping paint, and layering again. Her works portray ambiguity, allowing viewers to form their angles of her stories. Becky’s creative works have allowed color, surface, and form to continuously evolve thus providing consistently relevant stories that people can relate to. She uses color and texture to deliver her imaginations the best way possible. Besides the things she sees around her, Becky is also inspired by the people and things she sees during her travels to different places.

She works from her home in Vermont. Her home studio looks like a room that has been splattered with paint all over. And once in a while one would catch the eye of dogs taking a nap in the studio. Rebecca studied at the University of Vermont and later at Minnesota State University. She creates her artwork and exhibits them in different locations across the US. Since 1999, she’s been working with different shows and galleries. In 2004, she was honored with the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Fellowship. Her creativity has also earned her several awards and opened doors for her to undertake solo and group exhibitions. Some of the galleries where she has exhibited her works include Cavalier Galleries, New York, NY; Gallery MAR, Park City, UT; Innocence Revisited, Judy Saslow Gallery, Chicago, IL just to mention a few.
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