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Steve Silverman Wall Art

Fine art photographer, Steve Silverman is a native of Toronto, Canada. He’s is an international award winning artist with a unique and keen artistic vision. His keenness has made him to gain a lot of respect among his peers. Silverman is able to capture little details that most of them would not notice or overlook yet are very important in coming up with realistic images. His appreciation and passion for black and white photography is reflected in his compelling monochrome vistas and dramatic landscapes from across Canada. His photos have been published in many international magazines and books. The photos represent a visual interpretation of Silverman’s outer reality. The photographer is also guest speaker at several local camera clubs. Silverman also works in conjunction with publishers and several Canadian art galleries on a variety of corporate projects involving fine art.

These include Denison Gallery, Kodiak Gallery, Select Art Gallery, Liss Gallery, Out of the Blue Art Publishers in the United States, and Mima Fine Art Publishers. Silverman often uses texture, mood and strong tonal contrast to express his artistic vision. He has the ability to transform a mundane, simple scene into a fascinating black and white fine art photograph that’s attractive and memorable. His photos can be recognized easily because he uses strong leading lines which he combines with the interplay of shadows and light to create depth, giving a 2D image the illusion of 3D. He continues to produce inspiring pieces of art, one after the other, and his clients are now on the lookout for his new pieces of art.

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