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Dean Russo Wall Art

Dean Russo is an American pop portrait artist who's known for his use of a mix of different bright colors in his artwork. His works lie somewhere between realism and abstract coloring. He has a strong background both in graphic design and fine art, skills he has extensively explored in his works. Dean was brought up in a family of woodworkers who made sketch boxes, easels, palettes and a host of other wood products. He didn’t follow into the artistic disciplines of his family, but instead started off painting at an early age. Dean later attended The School of Visual Arts and Pratt Institute in New York City. At the onset, he painted human portraits, but later changed to focus on the two subjects he loves most; and these happened to be his two dogs Montana and Valley. While working on his artworks and meeting different dog owners, he developed love for the Pit Bull, a dog species which is often disregarded. For him, he saw beyond the same structure that people see. He saw some of the unique characteristic differences that define them. He saw that these dogs have different colors, noses, body patterns, and a host of other things that made the Pit Bull become his favorite subject. And up to now, he has been known for his colorful Pit Bull paintings. He uses different mediums for his artworks, making his art pieces quite unique.

When it comes to the use of color, Dean never limits himself. He uses quite brilliant colors, a combination of many colors, patchworks, creative symbols, shapes, and a blend of creative design to come up with his finished works. Dean has managed to make his artworks unmistakable. Because of the recognition of his work, Dean has risen to become a member of Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. He is also a key member of the Brooklyn Arts Council. One of Dean’s favorite quotes that define his artwork is: “The connection between us and our pets often defies words, but through the use of bright colors and abstract design I convey the happiness and joy they bring to our lives.”

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