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William Vanderdasson Wall Art

William Vanderdasson is a fine art artist who specializes in painting and illustration. He has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Over the years, William has refined his skills and expanded his knowledge on his style, colors, and general information about art. He has demonstrated an extraordinary career that has seen him get recognition from different quarters. William is widely known for his career in the world of Sports Art where he's painted numerous renditions of different games including golf, car races, and more. He’s also known as a painter of scenic landscapes and wildlife. He chooses to cover a wide variety of subjects, although when not producing sports illustrations, he tends to capture more of blissful scenes with animals, birds, and beautiful flowers. He uses vivid and natural colors in making his artwork to ensure that they express scenes that are charming, peaceful, and beautiful for the eye.

William is a realist artist who uses his skills to create works that captures even miniature of details. Since he uses friendly colors to create his artwork, they can be used in virtually any room as long as the chosen artwork captures the preferred subject. Because of that, his works have been used to make several products, including wrapping paper, greeting cards, and Christmas cards. Apart from creating his works for licensing to different companies, he also has several paintings and illustrations that he produces for sale as limited editions and prints. His artwork has been sold on different platforms across the globe.

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