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Larry Jacobsen Wall Art

Larry Jacobsen has learnt a lot about lighting in landscapes surrounded by the San Bernardino National deserts and Forest. He learnt while living in the Southern California Mountains for many years. He duplicated a certain early morning light that he likes in Vue, and then used that same light setting on all his images that are in his Cornucopia3D portfolio. At the start he would say that Disney artists played a big part in steering him towards a career in art. Jacobsen studied graphic design in college and began working in store display. Later, he then worked in an art department at an air force base. As time went by, he learned the computer and started working in a medical center as a free-lance graphic designer. Jacobsen got into wildlife and landscapes painting, and displayed his work in a gallery in Carmel and other locations in California.

He developed a realistic and stylized technique of painting. His stylized technique worked well with snow scenes for Christmas cards, and he had designs published by different greeting card publishers. The artist is interested in representational style of the western United States that’s well designed and realistic. He likes the coastline and land features of the western part of the U.S., with its streams, mountains, rocky coastline, deserts, lakes, and most of all, its rocks. The wildlife and landscape realistic style has worked well in galleries and some of his paintings have been made into art prints by an art publisher. He has a certain unique look to his images when compared to other artists.

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