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Philippe Sainte-Laudy Wall Art

Philippe Sainte-Laudy is a photography artist whose subjects are mainly landscape and nature. He has been a passionate photographer for years and has always sought to deliver original art. As such, he searches for the best light effects and angles that deliver the most appealing of his subjects. Sainte-Laudy is always ready with his camera to capture the most memorable moments brought about by interactions between nature elements such as weather, light, plants, animals, landscape and tides. Besides delivering nature’s beauty, Sainte-Laudy hopes that his art inspire humans to preserve nature for the posterity. For the best results, he uses software programs such as Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop to enhance his photos. His works have been featured in The Environmentalist, Outdoor Photographer, and Geo Magazine among many others.

Sainte-Laudy started getting involved with photos at an early age since both his dad and grandfather were photography traders. He eventually developed a strong urge to capture images that represent art. Sainte-Laudy worked as a sales engineer with Broncolor Sinar for ten years, and as a radio presenter with Top Music Strasbourg. In 2010, he started his own company that oversees the creation and management of his works as well as providing training, web creation and image editing services. He has been using Nikon camera since 1977 and has remained faithful to the brand since then. Sainte-Laudy’s art can be found in different collections and galleries across the globe. Their quality and subjects make it possible to use them in virtually any interior.

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