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Elizabeth Jordan Wall Art

Elizabeth Jordan (Born in 1970) was born in Sea Cliff, New York. She loved art from a tender age and could spend most of her free time doing works of art. Her talent was discovered by those who surrounded her and they encouraged her to take art as a career. Her parents were of Russian decent, and therefore, she grew up in a home where two languages were spoken. Elizabeth grew up during the cold war in America, and she recalls that she identified strongly with her Russian roots. She uses vintage medical beakers and fiber optic filaments to create a series of light sculptures. Though she felt so much attached to Russia, it wasn’t until the age of 22 that she got an opportunity to set foot in Russia. Once she settled in Russia, she spent more than 10 years there and she raised 5 children. She really enjoyed being a full time mother and wife.

Her art is found in many galleries around the world. In 2003, she moved to London and that’s when she started working as a professional artist. She has traveled across Haiti, Russia, India, Africa, etc, and brought back unforgettable and scary images which vividly told the stories of malnourished children and women who were affected by poverty that surrounded them. These children and women were also victims of lack of cultural value and political underrepresentation. Her hobby included pictures and it developed so much during her years in Russia. She started to take a keen interest in medical research to help these children and women more.

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