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Thom Reaves Wall Art

Thom Reaves paints lighthearted imagery in vibrant poster-style art. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988 in communications design from Pratt Institute. Although making paper trucks and dolls were the mode of expression when he discovered his passion for creating early in his life, it was not until he would go on long rides with his father, that he became enthralled with the graphics on road maps and gas station signs, which ignited the inspirations of his later artistic life. Billboards, symbols and signs, also ignited an interest in graphics and posters in him, which have become the signature his working style. The artist majored in graphic design, and after working for a number of years in New York as a neon sign designer, he returned to Trenton, NJ his hometown, where he began to produce his art.

In the beginning, he used to express himself through complicated pen and ink drawings, but later, he began painting when one gallery owner suggested to him that he needs to introduce color into his work. This new focus rekindled the passion of vintage posters, and it is this visual style that he chose as the avenue of his self expression. It became the foundation of a long-running series of works based on play with objects, locations and words. The artist has flourished in the persistence of his poster-style images which are stylized, and which he refers to as Postyle. This has earned him the privilege of exhibiting his art in numerous solo and group shows.

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