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Alison Fairbairn Wall Art

Alison Fairbairn (Born 1977) is a British illustrator who was born in London where she still lives to date. She was inspired by the lines and the colors of Japanese cartoons and art. Alison is careful not to claim a particular style of painting or influence. Rather, it’s her hope that her viewers can have an open mind and avoid formed opinions. She never limits herself to one subject alone but diversifies the subject matter so as to increase the collectability of her artwork. At any moment she can be seen painting anything that inspired her. Using a great depth of field in her work, she conveys a sense of calmness and solitude by setting the viewer apart from the background. She knows how to reinforce this through the use of her unique techniques in the background and impasto in the foreground.

The popularity of her art is due to the fact that they can be used to decorate any space. She spent much of her earlier years training in art. She was lucky that she was born and raised in a supportive family, so her natural talent was developed at a young age. She emphasizes the universal nature of art, saying that it is a language that crosses all cultures and borders containing both physical imagery and raw energy. To Alison, art involves searching to find the direction that is both rewarding and stimulating to her own soul. According to her, it is the nature of the artist to search for self and that’s her journey, one which will continue to change and evolve. Her art can be found in many private homes throughout the world.
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