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Heather Galler Wall Art

Heather Galler is a professional New York artist who’s been creating art for more than 2 decades. Through the years, she's been painting murals for a variety of organizations, including offices, restaurants, and a host of other organizations. Many personal art collectors have stocked more than 30 of her creative works because of their beauty and depth. Heather is famous for her dog portraits that are done in folk artistic style, appealing to several dog lovers across the U.S. and beyond. It's her artistic style and subjects that have captured many art critics and art lovers, seeing her works sell in all the 50 U.S. states and another 34 countries. Her artistic works still continue to appeal to a wide audience and her artistic prowess growing by the day. Heather is very busy creating art, mostly from her customers who commission her. She reveals that she's normally creating 3 artworks at any given time. Heather embraces modern art selling approaches in reaching out to customers. As such she sells her art prints through online platforms and has also licensed her art for sale on T-Shirts, necklaces, and greeting cards. She’s a darling of many manufacturers because of the uniqueness of her creative pieces. Heather covers subjects like humans, dogs, cats, just to mention a few. She creates her work from her home studio. The 42-year-old artist has been passionate about art since her days as a Junior at the Harley School. Her entry into art making came about as a result of a disappointment, having failed to clinch the position of a Student President. Heather was so devastated that she opted to use her campaign posters to create collages. She would later take them to Kelly Fallon, her art teacher. Fallon liked her works, encouraged her on, and she hasn’t stopped since. She didn't last in her effort to secure art training at The Cleveland Institute of Art simply because she didn't want anyone to teach her.

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