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Ann Stookey Wall Art

Ann Stookey is an American artist who specializes in creating drawings and paintings that portray real life events. She’s known for engaging her audience in each of her artwork with pictures that tell both true and fictional stories. Ann was raised in a farm in Utah where she lived with her grandmother. Growing up without her parents, she got most of her life teachings from her grandmother. According to her grandmother, she was destined to be a great artist as she could tell Ann was very talented at a very early age. In fact, Ann acknowledges her grandmother’s efforts in supporting her, practically referring to her as her parent in her success. Her grandmother always ensured that she never lacked a pencil, paper and paints. Living in a remote set up, Ann found plenty of time to draw and paint.
After perfecting her drawing and painting skills, it took words of encouragement from her grandmother to make her come out of her comfort zone in Utah and explore other areas. Ann started working on the road as she travelled to different places in search of ghost towns and old mining sites. She came up with paintings that displayed a happy lifestyle and moments of joy and pleasure. Her pictures captured the hearts of many in the country and her good work made her a national celebrity. Celebrations, Christmas, landscape, winter and holiday paintings are some of her pieces that have earned her national and international recognition. Ann has also done a number of puzzle pictures that continue to entertain her fans.

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