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Carla Martell Wall Art

Carla Martell is an artist from New Zealand. Her work in art began at the age of 3, with a basket of colored pencils and a love of drawing for hours in her pyjamas. Over the years she has refined her work and after attending Wellington’s Polytechnic School of Design, she became an expert in illustration and animation. She later flew away to London where she has visited a series of animation studios and has worked on fun things like feature films, music videos, and TV programs about the human body. Carla focuses on eclectic mediums. She has been painting for the many years and has several original artworks to her name. She hopes that her art will find its way to people’s hearts and into their homes.

Her passion for art in all its forms has led her on a crazy ride through the worlds of theatre, dance, film and postgraduate studies in multimedia design, finally returning to her true love of illustration. Painting is her passion and what she loves best - it is what makes her a legendary and reputable artist. She’s never happier than when drawing curious creatures, adventuring children, silly animals, and playful patterns. Each piece of her artwork showcases her feelings and thoughts of the subject. Living back in Auckland, New Zealand, she’s now back in her pajamas drawing again, welcoming creative collaborations and commissions with open arms and investigating the wonderful world of art licensing. She’s working as a licensed artist and an illustrator specializing in art and design for kids.

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