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Melanie Parker Wall Art

Melanie Parker is a visual artist based in Walnut Creek, CA. She has many original art and custom portraits in homes and private businesses. Melanie works with canvas, paper, and acrylic paints, and with various elements so her art can be best described as mixed media art. Her love for acrylics is because they offer a variety of techniques and textures. She is fascinated by the explosive texture, values and temperatures the medium brings. Melanie has been creating art since she was a child and over the years she has taken fine art classes. She now teaches in-person classes and does scrap booking. In all honesty, Melanie believes she’s as artist called by God to create, inspire, bring hope and healing and to those who travel with her on her artistic journey.

As an effect of her meditation and prayer, in the act of painting, her subjects are varied, from portraits, flowers, birds to abstract expressionist works. By dealing in a variety of subjects, she believes she is able to reach a wide audience to effectively convey her feelings. The constant elements in her paintings are the use of the vibrancy of the colors and the heavy paint. Melanie’s art comes out of what she is praying for or what she hears God speaking to her at the moment. She uses layers of paint, textures and loves to work with vibrant colors that are full of love and life. Melanie’s art can be found in many private homes and schools.

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