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Bob Fair Wall Art

Bob Fair began painting in the 70s as he found painting and woodworking as a way of keeping himself busy. He retired in 2008 after he had worked in the human services for so many years. Fair is a self taught acrylic painter who now paints full time and focuses on original folk art scenes from the past. He creates his artwork from observation. His goal is to portray a sense of strength, beauty, and balance through his posters, prints, and art. Fair also plays with color to balance each composition and add to it some beauty and warmth. He enjoys a very intimate creative process where he handles and manipulates the materials in a creative way. Each of his pieces contains groups of simple objects that are arranged in various compositions playing on the balance and weight of each element.

He likes using bright colors to catch the eye of the viewer while then allowing the viewer to enter the realistically rendered picture to a simpler idyllic time. His images evoke a sense of tranquility, timelessness and a contemplative mood. It is through this combination of materials and compositional elements that Fair strives for strength, beauty and balance. His work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, both within and outside New York. Many of his works have appeared in several permanent corporate collections. It is through his art that he expresses his feelings to his viewers. Fair and his wife Betty currently live in rural Canaan, New York.

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