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Spencer Williams Wall Art

From his earliest memories, Spencer Williams always knew he would be an artist. He was serious in high school and won a full tuition scholarship to Rocky Mountain School of Art. He graduated with the two degrees that were offered at the institution then moved to Atlanta to start working. It was there that he met RhuNelle who would later become his wife. Williams has been painting for close to two decades, and he doesn’t know if his perception of the world agrees with anyone else’s be he’s been striving for excellence to make his visions clear to the viewer. Williams says that he cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to be an artist. Currently he lives in Great Smoky Mountains where he has a gallery located in the Arts and Crafts Community in Gatlinburg. His gallery showcases all his work and is open all year long. Williams is at several art and craft shows during the year at the Gatlinburg Convention Center.

He likes to paint wildlife because he has always been fascinated with the natural world and the diversity of life around him. He also likes to include Christian images into his body of work and he says this should not raise eyebrows for those who know him. It is his hope that such images will bless his viewers. Williams likes painting and he is good with colors. Despite his experience in painting, Williams still visits many art galleries and museums to learn new techniques from other artists.

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