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Peter Laughton Wall Art

Peter Laughton is an artist who is known for creating evocative paintings that trigger emotional response. He’s continuously inspired by the complex interaction between land, water and sky …the horizon that is boundless provides an intoxicating space for his imagination to roam. Suggestive seascapes and landscapes draw the viewer into his paintings. His paintings strive to capture the ever changing moods that light imposes on what he sees. Laughton wants to seek an emotional response to the images that he draws from his imagination which is ceaselessly fueled by the world around him. He frequently receives comments that his paintings are calming...a mood that would hardly describe the mind behind their creation! He was educated in the United States and Europe (MA, BA). He has been involved in 3D Design and Fine Art for the last 33 years. Since his early mixed media paintings, he has been experimenting with many different approaches, which are sometimes non traditional.

The ‘excitement’ of mixed media allowed him the range of expression and the most flexibility. His approach is always exploratory as he develops different techniques to achieve the effects he wants. However, Laughton says oil painting is the most challenging and has become his most satisfying medium. He incorporates the lessons learned from each medium, including digital media. Laughton keeps photographic records of each painting as it evolves. When finished, he looks back and he gets amazed and sometimes appalled by the many attempts it took him to arrive at the final piece. His award winning artwork has been shown by galleries in Tennessee, Florida, Arizona and Massachusetts.

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