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Hello Angel Wall Art

Hello Angel is an illustrator from New Zealand who’s responsible for the many colorful creations seen all over the world. She’s also a daydreamer and a mother who has a slightly skewed sense of humor. She has so many clients who are as diverse as the art and illustration projects she has had the privilege to produce. Hello wants her viewers to experience the same joy she feels while working on her art. Those who purchase her art do so because they are attractive, durable and inspiring. She does the paintings in a manner that makes the viewers feel that they have actually seen her subjects. Hello has drawn all her life and she’s a graphic designer by trade freelancing but she’s available for 9 to 5 if anyone needs her. She’s hard working and creative – a type that can get a little crazy.

Some of her select prints are sold worldwide. She strives to capture more than just the visual, but also the emotional affect and mood of her subjects. Hello has earned a lot of respect for her keenness to detail, and for her use of color and expression. Art making in her studio is where she wants to be 90 percent of her time, it makes her happy and she’s been told it makes others inspired and happy too. This makes her doubly happy and pushes her to want to create so much more. Hello is also known for her evocative pieces of art. Her dynamic strokes of light, mood and color effectively allow her viewers to see life through her eyes.

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