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Barbara Bilotta Wall Art

Barbara Bilotta was born and brought up in New York. She attended the Stony Brook University Arts Program. Barbara is an Abstract Expressionist. Her vibrant paintings have the emotional and visual power that is so much a part of Expressionist’s school of painting. Her love of nature animates the patterns of nature, forging a connection between organic forms and pure abstraction. The abstract patterns that are striking in her works are more than just arrangements of shapes and colors. Her flowing arrangement of colors evokes the textures found in a body of water or a rock’s surface. Her images exhibit an elemental strength that ground them, setting up a contrast with her dynamic use of shapes and colors. Her goal is to transform the order of nature into a suggestive interpretation that stimulates imagination. She loves everything that is incredible and brilliant, and she attempts to incorporate it into her work.

She creates a work with the viewer in mind just as if they are in front of the piece watching her work on it. Her hope is that what the viewer sees and enjoys in her work will always be an extremely personal familiarity, drawing on their awareness, personality, and memories. She works with both an epoxy/resin and acrylic on canvas. She is currently represented by galleries nationally and has won numerous awards for her work. Barbara divides her time between Miami and Long Island. She says that the resin’s hardness and the acrylic’s softness combine to create an outstanding image in which the viewer is made to feel the movements of the paints.

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