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Michelle Faber Wall Art

Michelle Faber obtained an Associate's degree in Fine Art in 2002. She was born in an artistic family and many of her talent's come from her mother who was an established artist. Throughout the years she taught private art lessons out of her home. She has painted murals for various homes and businesses as well as commissioned paintings and portraits. She has also served as an art instructor at an after school program for elementary school children. Surreal and whimsical, her paintings come to life with detailed subjects and drippy colors that pull the viewer in. They reflect a surreal world where anything is possible and where gentle yet fearless subjects coexist. Her aim is to invite everyone who views her work into this world. The end result becomes an enthralled world. The artist presently resides in the mountains of Bellingham, WA with her husband.

Here, she finds her inspiration to paint in the nature around her. She says that she wants her artwork to inspire people and to help them feel a connection to animals and to nature. She also wants to encourage the views to realize their true selves and that they are capable of so much more than they can imagine. Her paintings have developed from her strong passion and regard for the treasures of nature - the landscapes and beautiful objects around us. It also developed from her desire to represent these treasures so that others can taste and enjoy their beauty. She has exhibited in several shows where her work has been greatly appreciated.

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