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Oxana Zaika Wall Art

Oxana Zaika (Born 1969) was born in Russia. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Art where she mastered different techniques: oil painting, Water painting old icons, pastel, and dentelle. She did different works in France and Tunisia including painting, graphic arts and also Pedagogical. Oxana now lives and works in France. Her works try to bring out the fantastic optimistic and view of the world through the energy of her bright colors and her enthralling reinterpretation of various subjects. Her works are located in private collections in Tunisia, Russia, Portugal, USA, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Australia, Canada, Swisse, Spain, and Italy. She’s noted for her ingenious illustrations of cats and other animals. Due to her extensive experience working in the arts industry, she has managed to attract a huge following and her art can be seen around the world in many galleries and both in private and corporate collections.

Her art are also purchased by architects and interior designers. Growing up, Oxana was surrounded by many supportive people including family, friends and teachers. She was exposed to a collection of artwork that she used to go through over and over again. The artist gets her inspiration from her surroundings. Today saying that her work makes people stop and take a second look would be an understatement. Viewers find her art quite irresistible. She’s good at public relations and is a good businesswoman so her inventory sells quickly. Oxana is internationally known for her light-filled paintings of subjects that are full of life.

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