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Annie Darling Wall Art

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Annie Darling is an artist who holds a degree in communications. She studied art, technology and design at the University of Oregon. She also studied at the University of Southern Maine. Annie loved art from a tender age. She grew up in South Portland, Maine, an environment that encouraged her artistic endeavors. She has enjoyed a distinguished career as an art director and designer. Channeling her natural artistic talent into graphic design, she has received an international acclaim for her work. Annie has been drawing and painting since she was a young child. Her artwork can be found in private collections and public venues world-wide. She says that encaustic painting is a spiritual, intellectual and intensely physical pursuit. She began working in the medium during a time that was particularly difficult in her life and the perceptible, brisk nature of the work provided her a chance to work through her loss in a productive way.

Annie says that the encaustic process puts her in a corner and begs her to fight her way out, and that’s why she likes it. What excites her about this practice is that it requires her to exist so deeply in the moment. It requires inconstant receptiveness as each moment challenges her: Is she willing to risk failure? Can she make a decision? Can she commit to sharing her ideas with others? - All startling questions in everyday life but dreadfully exciting in art. The encaustic process makes her to be so embroiled in physical process, entangled in emotion, and so involved in creation.

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