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Pedro Jarque Wall Art

Pedro Jarque studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He’s an award winning photographer currently working and residing in Lima, Peru. He won the First Prize of Black-and-White Photography in 1983. This prize was awarded by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru. Jarque specializes in landscape and portrait photography. Currently, he carries out a series of wildlife portraiture and recreates a studio-like environment. His goal with his images is to raise awareness to the diversity and beauty of wildlife, but mainly about the dreadful endangerment and fragility of wildlife. Jarque says that there's no doubt that human beings have so many problems to resolve as a species, and that the society is far from achieving the justice and equality it craves for, but dealing with the animal world has turned into a major problem.

A problem of great magnitude and which is far from being a mere levity and which directly affects the survival of human beings as a species. He adds that it’s no longer just about the loss of the diversity and beauty of wildlife; it is an issue that affects the entire ecosystem and causes a serious imbalance. His intent is to expand his project to as many endangered species as he can access. He hopes that the animals he photographs today will still exist in 10 or 20 years in the future. According to him55.000 species go extinct every year, that means 150 every day, 6 every hour, or 1 each 10 minutes. This is 100.000 times greater than natural rate before human influence.

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