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Dalliann Wall Art

Dalliann is a freelance graphic designer and an illustrator, specializing in children's fantasy. Folk-tale, mermaids, and fairies characters feature prominently in her illustrations and her drawing style is significantly influenced by modern animation (Japanese and Western) and the atmosphere of the Art Nouveau movement which is romantic. For as long as she can remember, illustration has been the pillar of her imagination. It began with feelings of awe over the creations of other artists in her favorite storybooks but became pure magic when she realized that she could build her own fantasy worlds through her drawings. Since that moment on, her artwork became a collection of wishes. That is, all the things she'd have loved to see and experience in the 'real world' but could only live out in daydreams became part of her art.

Though her artwork is generally inspired by fantasy lore and fairytales, she also has a strong passion for Vikings, Victorian-gothic, and anything pirates. She works mostly in digital art (PaintTool SAI, Photoshop CS, and Wacom being her preferred tools) and, though she does not have any formal training, she’s continually learning new techniques. She also improves her skills through practice and observation. While their influences on her artwork may not always be visible, her artistic idols include Maria Gamiere, Tim Burton, and Walt Disney. These styles of these artists vary greatly from each other but their art were a major part of her childhood and remain her everlasting inspirations. Most of her work is full-color, and she loves creating intricate lineart.

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