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Charles Alexander Art Prints

Charles Alexander has been fascinated by the beauty and diversity of the earth's wildlife since early childhood. His rural upbringing near Memphis, Tennessee, afforded a day-to-day closeness with the natural world that has only deepened with time. A student of both Abstract Expressionism and Classical Realism, Alexander spent his art-college years working as a keeper at the Memphis Zoo, where he was able to study firsthand the anatomy and personalities of animals from all over the world. A professional artist since 1995, Alexander has traveled in search of wildlife subjects from the rain forests of the Amazon to Alaska's remote Pribilof Islands. From concept to finished painting, his creative process involves immersing himself in the psychology and behavior of wild creatures at home in nature. Alexander is also interested in the ways in which wild animals have been symbols of power in human culture for thousands of years. Alexander is a graduate of the University of Memphis with a degree in natural history illustration. His wildlife art and natural history writing have been published in both the United States and Europe.

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