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Nigel Hemming Wall Art

Nigel Hemming (Born in 1957) is a British artist who was born in Staffordshire. He specializes in artwork and animal portraits. Initially he painted birds, but it was his paintings of dogs which threw him into the limelight making him very popular. Many have described him as one of the most famous canine artists in the United Kingdom, and one of the most successful. Hemming grew up in the village of Kinver where he showed a keen interest in painting from an early age. It’s his rural up-bringing that resulted in his choice of wild birds and landscape as the subjects of his artwork. At age 18, he left secondary education and enrolled at Art College. However, just after 12 months he decided that art wasn’t for him and instead decided to pursue a potential career in teaching.

Even though he had an ambition to paint professionally, he believed that this would amount to nothing as he needed a more structured career path in which to follow. His inner drive to become an artist overwhelmed him and he threw away this idea. So just a year later, he stopped his teaching career route and abandoned his degree course in Education. This time he was determined to become an artist. Hemming couldn’t ignore his calling to be an artist, and despite his reservations, he succumbed and announced his arrival on the fine art scene at the grand old age of 21 years. Since then, he never looked back and his fears disappeared.

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