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Derek Langley Wall Art

Derek Langley (Born 1955) has been passionate about photography since he was twelve years old - when he first began printing his own pictures. He grew up in Brighton, England, and would prowl the public walks in search of images, and observing the sea in all its moods. His personal development was deeply entwined with Photography, a profoundly private activity. During those years, he felt that a career in photography was impossible without loss of integrity and compromise. So, he chose instead to study Theoretical Physics as another means he would use to examine the nature of reality. Upon graduation, he moved to Cambridge where he worked in computing for many years. By then, he worked on photography but only as a hobby. In 1985 he finally began to offer his photographs for sale to the public.

This proved very successful that Langley has since devoted himself to his photography on a full-time basis. He regularly exhibits his sepia and black-and-white photographs in Cambridge. Langley’s work is inspired by the teachings of Taoism, and he regards his camera and himself as instruments by which the Universe can look back at itself. Langley experiences a feeling of communion with the world in becoming absorbed in the process of seeing. This reflects much in a spiritual quality in many of his works, which also exhibit a sense of timeless mystery. These otherworldly qualities are put emphasis on by his unique use of misty conditions, and the use of infra-red film. His images have appeared in books, cards and calendars.

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