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T.R. Colletta Wall Art

T.R. Colletta (Born 1952) was born in New York. At a young age, he became interested in painting and music. In the 8th grade his parents gave him a set of oil paints. He says that a first attempt at this puzzling medium helped him to produce a piece of art that made him to receive an award at their community art fair. The piece also appeared at an exhibition where the paintings of big people were on display. That’s a perilous compliment to offer a young person, because ever since that award, he has never put down him brushes – he got hooked to art and has never looked back. Colletta graduated with high grades from New York College at Buffalo. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Graphic Design. Before he moved to Connecticut (Hartford) to practice his art on a full-time basis, Colletta worked as the Technical Director and a photographer for the Charles Burchfield Center.

He also performed in the professional chorus Concora playing the organ. He spent a year in New York and then moved to California where he started a painting a series which focused on objects defining 20th century Americana. In late 1995, the images of these objects which are entertaining and which have infused their culture this past century began to appear on his canvas. The objects present an up to date exercise in memories that are recognizable. They inform his choices of design and color. Colletta currently lives and works in fine-looking San Francisco, California.

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