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Nenad Mirkovich Wall Art

Nenad Mirkovich (Born 1951) is one of the artists whose family backgrounds had great influence in their works. Having a painter father, he was surrounded by creativity from an early age. Mirkovich loved to watch his father making art and got even more inspired by his father’s artist friends who visited their home. He believes in creating art that stand the test of time and can be of great benefit to future generations. Each of the artist's paintings brings out a mix of peaceful symphony and drama, movement and calmness as well as darkness and light. Landscapes happen to be Mirkovich's favorite subject from childhood. This can be accredited to his mother who introduced him to nature’s beauty at a young age. Other than that their balcony had lots of roses, irises and gardenias that further influenced his love of beautiful landscapes. Mirkovich was the chief illustrator for a weekly national magazine in Belgrade that earned him the Best Newcomer Artist award. The work of art masters like Renoir, Monet and Matisse have also been great sources of inspiration for Mirkovich. He categorizes artists into two groups; the negative artists who create abstract art that’s understood neither by them nor their viewers and the positive artists. He considers himself one of the positive artists; the ones who paint on positive subjects. “Artists are created to carry information and paint history for future generations,” explains Mirkovich. “Art is magic. One can become a true artist only if you can feel the magic or have the ability to put it all together on canvas.”

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