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Doug Cavanah Wall Art

Doug Cavanah is an American photography artist and a Florida native whose fascination with photography sparked while he was in high school. For more than 40 years, photography has been part of his life. Immediately after completing his college education at the Western Carolina University, Cavanah worked with The Tampa Tribune newspaper as a photographer. In 1999, he fell in love with panoramic photography, inspiring him to start doing fine art photography. As such, his works tell a story and clearly depict variations in shadows and light as well as how the two influence color. Instead of using paint to express his subjects, he uses his timing to get the best shots when light hits on them, creating an instant of visual harmony. Cavanah captures the changes we witness in our daily lives such as the effects of the sun, moon, stars, and the weather. These are the elements that form part of his virtual photographic palette.

Cavanah uses a camera and lenses that enable him to capture images that can be blown to life size dimensions. This is to ensure that he captures details while at the same time making it possible for use in large prints. His photography has seen him travel to different locations across the globe, searching for the virgin beauty of Mother Nature and always applying his timing to preserve the best moments. Cavanah has traveled throughout the US, South Pacific, Central America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Many of his artwork pieces are exhibited in a number of galleries across the nation. He also travels to different art festivals to display his works and expand his artistic network.

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