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Anita Munman Wall Art

Anita Munman worked in sales for a telecommunication company in the 1980s. She left the work and returned to school to study the influences of Japanese culture on American art and architecture. Then, together her husband, decided to renovate their home discovered that the money their had was not enough to buy art so Anita decided to create her own art - her husband is a professor of art history and architecture. Anita made gouache paintings and ink drawings based on works by artists of the Arts and Crafts era, many of whom were inspired by the Japanese drawings and landscape prints that flooded this country from the 1920s through to the 1930s. During that time, there was an obsession with Japanese things. People were captivated by the different approach, which wasn't as realistic or symmetrical. Once her own walls were covered, Anita placed an ad in Arts & Crafts Quarterly magazine. Surprisingly, sales boomed and a catalog followed.

Most recently, L. & J.G. Stickely Furniture Co. spotted her work and convinced her to sell through its catalog. She now has a stable of 6 artists who produce thirty five paintings every week. The paintings are in the style of the Arts and Crafts, influenced by woodblock prints with simple trees from Japan. Since 1993 the artist has been offering fresh works of art in the Arts & Crafts/Mission style, which are produced from her original paintings. The arts are also influenced by Japanese bugs and beetles, and swamp and bark plants. Anita continues the Arts & Crafts tradition by offering a growing selection of Limited Edition canvas giclees, a large selection of Open Edition Canvas lithographs, and once in awhile an original painting.

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