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Alma Lee Wall Art

Alma Lee is an American artist known all over the world for her humorist and realist style paintings. She has been painting for several years and has been drawing for as long as her memory allows. She first held an exhibition show of her work in 1985 in a friend's gallery; a show that became a success and provided the foundation for her professional career in art. Alma has been in the art licensing business for close to a decade, mainly covering Christian themes and roosters. This was in the 2000s. These subjects and style also gave her a platform to learn a lot in oil painting.

At some point, Alma got drawn back to cubism, her initial style. In cubism, she uses pencil drawing to ensure that she captures every detail of her subjects. It was a challenge switching back to cubism. Using pencil instead of oil made it a bit of a challenge for her to get the kind of color saturation she wanted. After trying severally, she found the tune that gives her the right color intensity that compares with the color she could achieve with oil paintings. He deep understanding of color and design has made it possible for her to introduce a new line of art to her fold. Now she creates dolls and dolls clothing, bringing the characters in her paintings to real objects. Alma’s works have been exhibited in different galleries and have also been collected by several private collectors.

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