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Pablo Esteban Wall Art

Pablo Esteban (Born in 1988) was born in Mexico City. His father was a painter, and Pablo had his first experience in art by watching him paint. Even though he began artwork at such a young age, it was not until 1999 that he discovered his true interest in art. He moved together with his family to the city of Leiden in the Netherlands, and it there that he came into direct contact with the works of Karel Appel, Rembrandt, Mondriaan and Van Gogh, who were great Dutch Masters. This helped him to create his own distinct way of thinking and to expand his vision. In 2007 Pablo joined the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and began to study graphic design. What started as a hobby soon became a complete lifestyle. There he was known for his designs, his genuine way to work, his use of expression and full color, and while still in college, he already determined a signature.

Esteban graduated in 2010 with a solid goal: he wanted to become a recognized artist and to live from his art. He began showing work in Holland in places like the ACCENT (Rotterdam), Jakub's Hangout (Leiden), and KABK Hall (The Hague). His work was defined by its auto-didactic and expressive language. In 2011, his work took on new dimensions when he moved to Oaxaca, the hometown of his father. There he came in contact with his other half, completing the circle of an expressive, well-defined, and distinctive style in which the art is lived as it is being produced. A concept established as the language of the soul.

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