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Georgie Wall Art

Georgie is an artist living in Brighton, UK. She loves fashion inspired illustration, elegant design, white space and florals. When she’s not being taxi driver, maid, chief cook, and taking care of her 3 children, she works part-time in digital marketing. If she has any spare time in the day, she loves to dig out her camera or draw. Living simply, cultivating an artful life, creating peacefully everyday are what make her happy. She firmly believes that the root to leading a more fulfilled life is being creative. She’s also a lover of natural beauty and can get enthusiastically ridiculous about the color of a petal, the texture of wood, and the tone of the sky. Georgie was raised on a diet of listening to old school Jazz, watching Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, and Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire movies.

The elegant and glamorous beauty of these old movies, the romance and emotion in the music, has inspired her ever since. Most of her life she’s been involved in marketing and design but has always felt slight regret at not going to art school. However, her greatest moment came in 2011 when she completed an MA in Digital Media Arts which somewhat as luck would have it, brought her back to painting and drawing. Her illustrations now involve the traditional art of drawing mixed with digital techniques. Georgie has spent the last few years perfecting her technique of mixing illustration, particularly her floral photography with her fashion inspired illustrations. Many of the results can be seen in her Portfolio.

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