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Syeda Mleeha Shah Wall Art

Syeda Mleeha Shah is a renowned writer and artist residing in Virginia. Her mission has been to use her talents to spread peace in the world. The artist joins readers of all ages in an investigation of the meaning of peace. She’s dedicated to promoting peace through the representation of nature and diversity among young children. Syeda is an artist, early childhood educator, and author of children’s books. The artist spent time in Pakistan where she worked exclusively with children in local hospitals, refugee camps and rural areas. She enjoys writing the most she’s around children. Her favorite time is recess when she’s outdoors with a group of children listening to their descriptions of nature and their interesting conversations. She collects their observations, words, reactions and tons of colorful descriptions of things around them, and takes notes keeping some in her memory.

Later on in her free time she puts it all together in a form of a story or poem. She says that being a teacher makes it a lot easier for her to write and observe with understanding about the attributes and interests of young children. She completed a Masters in Social Work in Pakistan where she studied from 1998 to 2001. In the course of her study, she also coordinated many community development projects which were sponsored by UNICEF within rural areas and survival camps in Pakistan. Her experience of working directly with poor children brought her an inspiration to write. She’s been an early childhood educator since 2002.

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