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Paul Robert Wall Art

Paul Robert (Born 1975) was born in Kingston Ontario Canada. He is a Canadian Figurative Oil Painter working and living in Toronto Canada He attended the Ontario College of Art and Design from 1994 to 1998. Upon his graduation from the Painting and Drawing program, he then proceeded to the Michael John Angel Academy of Art where he studied traditional drawing. He’s a co-founder of AWOL Collective, Gallery and Studios. He received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant, and the Viewers Choice Award for the 2007 Kingston Prize. This is the only national portrait competition in Canada. His work can be found in private collections in France, England, Israel, the United States and Canada. It’s difficult for Robert to pin down one particular idea to describe his work. He says that although his work is technically consistent, his work varies conceptually.

He works with traditional oil painting techniques, and he combines is with mixed media techniques occasionally. He has always had a deep appreciation of any painting that provides the illusion of depth and volume. When Robert is composing his imagery he tries not to think of the canvas just as a flat surface, but as a window to another space. A window through which he shows his viewers that he feels about his subjects. The pursuit of a 3D compositional flow is very important to him and varies in intensity depending on the idea or subject matter that he’s depicting. Robert continuously attempts to link together concept, composition and technique. And where applicable he attempts to choreograph his subjects in such a way so that ones demeanor and position seem to be directly related to the other.
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Urban Jazz
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36" x 18"
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