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Susan Jill Wall Art

Susan Jill (Born in 1959) was born in the Catskill Mountains. She’s been an artist for several years. Every now and then, viewers fall in love with an artist whose artwork touches their soul and moves their spirit. This is the type of art that Susan produces. She’s had that impact on several people and many outlets are very proud to offer her beautifully framed, expertly canvassed art that are also professionally finished. Her art are in many collection, and they always add to the collection whenever she produces new pieces of art. Some stores don’t have her original art paintings, but they do their best to re-create their canvas art, keeping the prices so affordable to meet the demand, while at the same time maintaining the highest quality. One of Susan’s outstanding works is a floral set that’s great for infusing energy and color into a dull space.

It can be used to decorate any space and can be seen on the walls of many prestigious building around the globe. Her art has been a subject of discussion among several professionals who view them with a lot of favor. They have also received positive criticism from many professional art critics. These are some of what gives Susan the reason to continue doing artwork. The beauty that surrounded her while growing up has always been a constant influence in her art. She has also been influenced by the places she has visited, the several artists whose work she has studied, and the people she has interacted with especially the professional artists.
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Shandelee Woods II
Fine-Art Print
12" x 36"
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